Scores & Levels


Final scores

(out of 10)

Level Descriptions
0 – 3.5 None None
4.0 – 5.5 3 Can understand the main ideas of a standard passage or talk on familiar topics in daily situations.

Can handle most situations happening at that moments.

Can write basic texts related to familiar and personal topics.

Can describe personal experiences, events, dreams, hopes and expectations with short descriptions and/or explainations.

6.0 – 8.0 4 Can understand the main ideas of a passage or talk about both concrete and abstract topics, including specialized issues related to the language users’ area of interest.

Can produce fluent communication to native speakers without obstacles.

Can produce compositions on various topics with reasonable examples and explainations.

8.5 – 10 5 Can understand a number of text types with high complexity.

Can show spontaneous and fluent use of language.

Can use the language flexibily and effectively for different purposes such as in academic contexts, social life or specialized majors.

Can produce coherent and detailed compositions on complex issues with advanced use of cohesive devices and good control of text genres.