– The code to search for your candidate ID and test room is your Passport number (including letters).
– Candidates are only allowed to bring into the test room the original identification documents, not to bring other documents, equipment and devices into the test room, including wristwatches.
– Pens will be provided.
– Candidates need to leave their belongings at a designated area outside the test area, so please arrive 20 minutes earlier.
– The Examination Committee is not responsible for the candidates’ personal belongings.
– Entering the exam area: Candidates have body temperature checked before entering the exam area, strictly comply with 5K regulations during the test, and ensure safe physical distance in the waiting rooms and test rooms.

I. Exam Schedule:

Reading – Listening – Writing: 7:00 am, November 5th, 2022 (Saturday) candidates need to be present at the test room.
Speaking: Time and place for Speaking test will be announced during the Reading-Listening-Writing test.

II. Exam venue: Building A2 – VNU University of Languages and International Studies

III. Requirements
Candidates need to be on time, bring the ORIGINAL of the Passport to present before entering the test room.
Without identification documents, candidates are not allowed to enter the test room.

IV. Exam result check

Candidates can check the test results at 14 working days after the test date (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

V. Test room information lookup

Candidates who have problems with the information lookup, please call the testing center (02462601376) or send email to visit Room 106 Building A4 of the VNU University of Languages and International Studies during office hours.